Ship Suppliers

Ship Suppliers & Ship Chandlers

Find thousands of Ship Suppliers and Ship Chandlers specializing in cruise-liners and mega-yachts and all other types of ships. Our directory is continually updated and expanded.

Recruitment Agencies

Find Agencies & Crew

Choose from thousands of recruitment companies your preferred future partner, find job candidates for more than 200 onboard positions to assemble your perfect crew.

Cruise Lines

Cruise Lines & Cruise Ships

Search for cruise lines and find the line's contact information and the ships of their fleet. Comprehensive technical information for every ship including it's current position.


Sanitation & Disinfection

With this state of the art technology we provide touchless sanitation & disinfection specializing in cruise ships. Our reference are Hospitals in more than 70 different countries worldwide.

Seaman Tickets

Book Flights & Transfers

In co-operation with our German partner organisation exclusively specializing in booking tickets for seamen we offer tickets for very reasonable and convenient prices.

Free Downloads

Job & USPH Manuals

Find free onboard job descriptions with directives for accountabilities and crew hierarchies. USPH manuals and instructions encompass health inspection and construction guidelines.

Service Packages

Packages & Extensions

We offer basic and professional packages for ship suppliers and ship chandlers, recruitment agencies and seamen looking for a job. In addition sectoral add-ons are available too.


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Present your company in a professional way, built up your business network. We offer you to create your own company homepage by subscribing to our service packages and extensions.

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