Key Accountabilities

  • The Assistant Purser is responsible for the day-to-day passenger service tasks and transactions in the Front and Back Office.

Reports to

  • The Assistant Purser reports to the Chief Purser and ultimately to the Hotel Manager.

Subordinate Personnel

  • None

Areas of Responsibility

  • Giving general information service to passengers.
  • Assignments and changes of cabins for passengers as per instruction and Company policy.
  • The handling of passenger accounts and credits on the Hotel accounting system.
  • The distribution of mail.
  • Typing of Daily News, Invitations, and Telexes etc.
  • Assisting the Chief Purser when required.
  • Assisting in selling Shore Excursion tickets.
  • The cleanliness of the Front and Back Office.
  • Handling of lost property.
  • He/She assists with the collection of Cruise Tickets during embarkation.
  • He/She assists the Social Director with administrative work.
  • He/She operates the Casino on board at the assigned opening hours.
  • He/She handles passengers' questions at the Reception Office promptly and courteously at all times.

He/She assists with the following at Reception

  • Cabin changes and assignments (inform Chief Purser)
  • Cabin keys
  • Lost property/left luggage
  • Service appointments (e.g. Hairdresser/Doctor etc.)
  • Takes reservations for special shore arrangements i.e. hotel, train, plane, taxies, Restaurants etc. and forwards them to the Cruise Director
  • Handles complaints (report to Purser) handles catalogue sales keeps a Reception log book

Mail Service

  • He/She promptly transmits mail, telegrams and telephone messages to passengers and checks that messages have been received.
  • He/She promptly delivers catalogue sales items to the passenger cabins.

General Duties

  • He/She provides clerical support in the Back Office according to procedures in the following area:
  • Cash handling and accounting
  • Crew accounts
  • Typing, filing
  • Secretarial aid to passengers as required
  • Making out invitations as assigned by the Social Director
  • Translations of information for non-English speaking passengers
  • Collection of Passports showing cabins to passengers
  • As our Company grows, so will our need for loyal, skilled management and, therefore, the Purser's Office personnel have every opportunity of promotion to higher positions.

Appearance/Personal Hygiene

  • The appearance of the entire personnel on board the ship reflects the reputation and image of the company, therefore a great deal of emphasis is placed on a professional appearance.
  • The Company expects you to maintain the highest standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times.
  • Approach passengers in a friendly manner, show a helpful attitude at all times, always have a smile and be courteous and pleasant.
  • Good grooming, clean uniforms, appropriate shoes and hygiene care should be part of the basic qualities.
  • Always use a deodorant, cologne (make up) and mouth wash.
  • Be punctual when reporting for duty and check your work schedule to terminate when you will work.
  • If in passenger areas full uniform is to be worn: hat, scarf, jacket, name tag, pants and proper shoes.
  • Have a clean neat personal appearance.
  • Special attention to grooming, hygiene care and clean and proper uniforms and shoes.
  • Hair must be well groomed, neat and not extend over the shirt collar and always be kept clean.
  • A moustache is acceptable if kept neatly trimmed.
  • Big earrings and big necklaces are not to be worn on duty and more than one moderate size ring is not acceptable.
  • Smoking is not permitted while on duty.
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