Key Accountabilities

  • He/She is the Superior of all back office staff, is responsible for the company safe and the handling of company money. The ship clearance and the handling of all the ships documents which are necessary also under her administration.

Reports to

  • The Chief Purser reports directly to the Hotel Manager. In regard to Ship Clearance/Ship Papers etc., He/She communicates directly with the Captain.

Subordinate Personnel

  • Purser
  • Crew Purser

Areas of Responsibility

  • He/She is responsible for the ordering, storage, distribution, stock and cost control of paper goods and printed matter for his/her Department.
  • He/She organizes, supervises and assists the Reception and Back Office and handles all administrative work involved.
  • He/She handles all Ship clearances and establishes passenger and crew Manifests with the Immigration Officers of the respective country as well as the handling of the necessary preparation work involved.
  • He/She handles Passports for passengers and crew members.
  • He/She provides all the necessary information to the passengers in regard to Ship Clearance, Embarkation and Debarkation procedures.
  • He/She is responsible for the registration of all passenger accounts as well as the handling of all payments.
  • He/She handles crew accounts and payments of wages to all crew members.
  • He/She is responsible for the handling of all ship payments, list for Ship clearance etc.
  • He/She establishes Passenger and Crew Manifests for Immigration purposes.
  • He/She is-responsible for handling all cash according to instructions.
  • He/She handles signing-on and signing-off procedures for crew members.
  • He/She is responsible for the daily settlement with all revenue centres on board i.e. bar and wine sales, laundry revenue, shore excursion revenue, doctor’s fee, hairdresser’s revenue etc.
  • He/She is responsible for handling all incoming and outgoing mail.
  • He/She attends the Hotel Manager's meeting and keeps the minutes of the meeting.
  • He/She handles Agent Invoices (all Invoices have to be countersigned by the Hotel Manager (if Hotel Department related) or Captain/Chief Engineer (if Ship related).
  • He/She is responsible for the payment of Harbor Fees (when requested by Captain).
  • He/She is responsible for purchasing the most widely read international newspapers (if available) as a service to the passengers.
  • He/She forwards all orders for all paper supplies, printing matters (stationary, brochures etc.) and keeps regular inventories on these items.
  • He/She handles and controls all deliveries of above items.
  • He/She keeps a Purser's Office log book
  • He/She is responsible for handling the catalogue sales to passengers (ordering and deliveries).

Performance of Duties

  • He/She creates a friendly working atmosphere and working spirit and communicates with all other Departments. As a Ship's Officer the Chief Purser is continuously in focus of events.
  • His/Her behavior and His/Her service to passengers and officials create the image of the Company and reflect on the attitude of other crew members.

Appearance/Personal Hygiene

  • The appearance of the entire personnel on board the ship reflects the reputation and image of the company; therefore a great deal of emphasis is placed on a professional appearance.
  • The Company expects you to maintain the highest standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times.
  • Approach passengers in a friendly manner, show a helpful attitude at all times, always have a smile and be courteous and pleasant.
  • Good grooming, clean uniforms, appropriate shoes and hygiene care should be part of the basic qualities.
  • Always use a deodorant, cologne (make up) and mouth wash.
  • Be punctual when reporting for duty and check your work schedule to terminate when you will work.
  • If in passenger areas full uniform is to be worn: hat, scarf, jacket, name tag, pants and proper shoes.
  • Have a clean neat personal appearance.
  • Special attention to grooming, hygiene care and clean and proper uniforms and shoes.
  • Hair must be well groomed, neat and not extend over the shirt collar and always be kept clean.
  • A moustache is acceptable if kept neatly trimmed.
  • Big earrings and big necklaces are not to be worn on duty and more than one moderate size ring is not acceptable.
  • Smoking is not permitted while on duty.
  • Big earrings and big necklaces are not to be worn on duty and more than one moderate size ring is not acceptable.
  • Smoking is not permitted while on duty.
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