Key Accountabilities

  • The Bar/Wine Waiter/Waitress has to provide professional, courteous and speedy service, perfect beverage knowledge and good salesmanship.

Reports to

  • He/She reports to the Bar Manager in the respective bar where he/she is assigned. His/Her Department Bar Manager and ultimately the Hotel Manager.

Subordinate Personnel

  • None

Areas of Responsibility

  • He/She is responsible for the table set up and mise en place at His/Her respective working area.
  • He/She is responsible for the beverage service at his/her assigned area.
  • He/She is responsible for the proper handling of working material.
  • He/She is responsible for cleaning and maintenance procedures.
  • He/She is responsible for any side jobs assigned to him/her

General Duties

  • He/She approaches passengers in a friendly manner and shows a helpful attitude at all times. Always have a smile and be courteous and pleasant.
  • Have a clean neat personal appearance and pay special attention to grooming, hygiene care and a clean and proper uniform. Your Superior will check your appearance, uniform, name tag etc. before service begins.
  • He/She is aware that smoking is not permitted while on duty.
  • He/She is punctual when reporting on duty and checks work schedules to determine where and when He/She will work.
  • Complete honesty is required at all times. No Barkeeper is to give or no Bar/Wine Waiter/Waitress is to receive a drink from the bar without the drink being properly rung on the cash-register.
  • He/She is expected to have a complete knowledge of all drinks listed on the Bar List.
  • Prior to service, He/She cleans all tables, cleans and brushes chairs and sofas, cleans and distributes ash­trays etc. and prepares mise en place for service.
  • He/She always presents a clean Bar List to the passengers before taking the order.
  • He/She is familiar with the proper glass and garniture for each drink.
  • He/She ensures that the brand ordered by the passengers is served to them.
  • He/She always presents the correct bar cheque when collecting for drinks, separate bar cheques are to be made for each party, do not combine drinks for two parties on one bar cheque.
  • He/She assists His/Her colleagues in their sections if they need help and is co-operative with them.
  • He/She performs a high standard of service in the Bars and Dining room Department which complies with the service guidelines and standards set by the Company.
  • He/She considers him/herself as a sales person and recommends drinks, coffees etc. to the passengers and pays special attention if passengers require another drink.
  • He/She passes on any complaints from passengers immediately to his/her Supervisor.
  • If He/She is free at his/her station, when passengers are entering a Lounge, escort them to their table.
  • Even when it is not your assigned station, greet them politely, take the order and pass it to the proper Bar Waiter/Waitress. He/She will then do the same for you.
  • As our Company grows, so will our need for loyal, skilled management and, therefore, Bar personnel have every opportunity of promotion to higher positions.

Special Duties on Outside Decks

  • He/She cleans ash-trays, places deck chairs in an orderly position and keeps decks clean and tidy at all times.
  • He/She places umbrellas where appropriate and by passenger request.
  • He/She arranges mise en place with sufficient towels and returns used towels to the laundry.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • He/She is responsible for the proper cleaning and sanitary matters of the Bar according to US Public Health requirements. His/Her Superior will inspect periodically if these requirements are fulfilled.
  • He/She maintains special care with the handling of working material and equipment.
  • He/She reports any necessary repairs to the Maitre d' and follows up on repair requests.

Appearance/Personal Hygiene

  • Approach passengers in a friendly manner, show a helpful attitude at all times, always have a smile and be courteous and pleasant.
  • Have a neat, clean personal appearance and pay special attention to grooming and hygiene care. Wear clean uniform and shoes, always use a deodorant, cologne and mouth wash.
  • Be punctual when reporting for duty and follow the work schedules.
  • The appearance of the entire personnel on board the ship reflects the reputation and image of the company, therefore a great deal of emphasis is placed on a professional appearance.
  • The Company expects you to maintain the highest standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times.
  • If in passenger areas full uniform is to be worn: hat, scarf, jacket, name tag, pants and proper shoes.
  • Have a clean neat personal appearance.
  • Special attention to grooming, hygiene care and clean and proper uniforms and shoes.
  • Hair must be well groomed, neat and not extend over the shirt collar and always be kept clean.
  • A moustache is acceptable if kept neatly trimmed.
  • Big earrings and big necklaces are not to be worn on duty and more than one moderate size ring is not acceptable.
  • Smoking is not permitted while on duty.
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