Key Accountabilities

  • To bring the dishes from the galley to the assigned dining room station and to support the dining room waiter.

Reports to

  • The Dining room Busboys report to the Dining room Waiters he/she is assigned to. His/Her Department Head is the Maitre d' and ultimately the Hotel Manager.

Areas of Responsibility

  • He/She assists Waiters in the food and beverage service.
  • He/She assists Waiters in the setting up of tables and the preparation of mise en place.
  • He/She is responsible for cleaning procedures for the entire Restaurant.
  • He/She is responsible for the proper handling and cleaning of working material.
  • He/She does any side jobs that are assigned to him.

Performance of Duties

  • He/She is responsible for assisting his/her Waiter in providing the food and beverage service to the passengers in a prompt and professional way.
  • He/She checks his/her work schedule to determine when he/she works and is punctual when reporting on duty.
  • He/She acts according to instructions from his/her Waiter". He/She mainly "fetches and carries".
  • He/She may be asked to do a service of side dishes etc., sauces, offering rolls and butter, placing plates upon the table and so on.
  • He/She helps to clear the tables after each course.
  • His/Her work station is his/her responsibility and must be clean, orderly and properly prepared to ensure an efficient service.
  • During the pre-preparation period the cleaning in the Dining room will be his/her responsibility.
  • He/She approaches passengers in a friendly manner always with a smile and is courteous, without being overbearing.
  • He/She must have a complete knowledge of all dishes on the menu and be able to explain them to the passengers.
  • He/She has glasses, ash-trays, cutlery and plates always polished.
  • He/She is always ready for passengers when they enter the Dining room.
  • He/She makes the passengers welcome by greeting them.
  • He/She ensures that sufficient Menu Cards are available and that they are neat and clean.
  • He/She serves passengers at one table at the same time.
  • When waiting for passengers to arrive stand to attention at your station and do not converse with other personnel.
  • Any problems he/she encounters with his/her passengers must be reported immediately to the Waiter or the Maître d'hôtel.
  • He/She must participate in training sessions and briefings which will be held by the Maître d'hôtel.
  • In front of passengers he/she must speak English even when speaking to other crew members.
  • He/She maintains special care when handling working material and equipment.
  • He/She shows a co-operative working relationship with all other personnel and assists new crew members in their job.

Sanitation Procedures

  • Be familiar with the proper sanitation procedures and US Public Health requirements and ensure that these procedures are strictly followed.
  • As our Company grows, so will our need for loyal, skilled management. Therefore, our service personnel have every opportunity of promotion to higher positions.
Daily Cleaning Routines
  • Clean service stations and working trolleys
  • Vacuum clean carpet and chairs (if necessary shampoo) polish metal parts
  • Polish tables
  • Clean and polish chafing dishes
  • Clean walls (rotate)
  • Clean brass (rotate)
  • Clean windows inside and if possible outside
  • Change water in all flower vases
  • Dust paintings and lamps
  • Sort out and clean china (with bleach), juice machine, toaster, coffee machine and express machine daily
  • Sort out and clean silver cutlery
Weekly Routines
  • Wash all drawers
  • Shampoo upholstery
  • Clean air condition outlets
  • Clean chafing dish stands
  • Clean all silver cutleries
  • Clean flower vases
  • Bleach all china (if needed)
  • Clean all silver serving items
  • Wash all salt and pepper shakers
  • Clean and sanitize ice machine (empty)
  • Shampoo carpets in Restaurant where necessary.

Appearance/Personal Hygiene

  • The appearance of the entire personnel on board the ship reflects the reputation and image of the company; therefore a great deal of emphasis is placed on a professional appearance.
  • The Company expects you to maintain the highest standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times.
  • If in passenger areas full uniform is to be worn: hat, scarf, jacket, name tag, pants and proper shoes.
  • Have a clean neat personal appearance.
  • Special attention to grooming, hygiene care and clean and proper uniforms and shoes.
  • Hair must be well groomed, neat and not extend over the shirt collar and always be kept clean.
  • A moustache is acceptable if kept neatly trimmed.
  • Big earrings and big necklaces are not to be worn on duty and more than one moderate size ring is not acceptable.
  • Smoking is not permitted while on duty.
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