Key Accountabilities

  • Providing courteous, friendly and professional service to crew members following company rules, regulations and policies regarding crew service.

Reports to

  • He/She reports direct to the Assistant Bar Manager or to the Bar Manager.

Subordinate Personnel

  • Bar boy

Areas of Responsibility

  • Reports for duty at least 30 minutes before the bar opens.
  • Open the liquor cabinets and all other locks and place bottles in position.
  • Display bottles in spread racks.
  • Check all juices and mixers to be sure nothing is spoiled. A small portion of the non-alcoholic mix or juice should be sampled to insure that nothing tastes acidic or small foul.
  • Make sure you have enough mixers, beer and canned soda etc. (Your stock must be correct).
  • Prepare a requisition for any supplies you may need.
  • Make sure you have enough ice.
  • Wipe down the entire bar area with clean, damp bar side towel.
  • Set up the bar counter with ashtrays.
  • If you have any problems, report them to the Assistant Bar Manager.
  • He/She is responsible for the crew bar service and beverage sales.
  • He/She is responsible for the bar stock of beverages
  • He/She follows the Inventory Control Procedures in the crew bar.
  • He/She registers and controls all beverage sales on the crew accounts.
  • He/She follows beverage requisition procedures.
  • He/She is responsible for reporting and following up on maintenance and repairs and for the cleanliness of the bar he/she is assigned to.

Overall Bar Service

  • The crew bars must be clean, orderly and properly prepared prior to bar opening.
  • He/She has a complete knowledge of all drinks listed.
  • He/She is aware that it is against Company Rules to work without a shot glass.
  • The proper glass and garnitures must be used for each drink.
  • He/She ensures that the brand ordered by the crew is served.
  • He/She cleans the bar counter, tables and ash-trays, places chairs and tables in orderly positions and keeps the entire area clean and tidy at all times.
  • He/She passes on any complaints from crew to the Bar Manager.
  • The Bars must be ready for business not later than 10 minutes before opening.
  • Ordering goods from Provision storerooms in a timely manner and use of appropriate forms.

Inventory/Stock Control

  • He/She is responsible for maintaining the indicated beverage stock at all times.
  • He/She follows the established routines for requisitioning of stores and ensures that Customs requirements are fulfilled during sealing of stores while in Port.
  • Inventory controls will be carried out without any prior notice.
  • He/She uses the correct measures for all drinks.
  • He/She ensures that all goods are safe, and securely stored, to prevent damages.

Accounting Control and Procedures

  • He/She is responsible for the proper handling of the cash-register and the registration of all beverages sold.
  • Complete honesty is required at all times. No Barkeeper is to give any drink from the Bar without the drink being properly registered on the Bar cheque.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • He/She is responsible for the proper cleaning and sanitary matters of the bar.
  • He/She handles all working material and equipment correctly and keeps it well cleaned.
  • He/She reports any necessary repairs to the Bar Manager and follows up on repairs.
  • He/She follows the OS Public Health requirements and is familiar with their sanitation procedures.

Appearance/Personal Hygiene

  • The appearance of the entire personnel on board the ship reflects the reputation and image of the company, therefore a great deal of emphasis is placed on a professional appearance.
  • The Company expects you to maintain the highest standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times.
  • If in passenger areas full uniform is to be worn: hat, scarf, jacket, name tag, pants and proper shoes.
  • Have a clean neat personal appearance.
  • Special attention to grooming, hygiene care and clean and proper uniforms and shoes.
  • Hair must be well groomed, neat and not extend over the shirt collar and always be kept clean.
  • A moustache is acceptable if kept neatly trimmed.
  • Big earrings and big necklaces are not to be worn on duty and more than one moderate size ring is not acceptable.
  • Smoking is not permitted while on duty.
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